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A Detailed Explanation of the Standard Network Cabinet Purchase Guide

June 23, 2020

Nowadays, more and more network cabinets appear on the market. How can users choose the cabinet that suits them among many brands? In addition to choosing an old cabinet manufacturer, we also need to pay attention to the following points:
First of all, we should understand the cabinet. The structure of the cabinet is relatively simple. It mainly includes the basic frame, internal support system, wiring system, and ventilation system. The cabinet is divided into many levels of performance and price according to the way of assembly and the selection of cabinet materials.
Second, we need to understand the shape of the cabinet. The shape of the 19-inch cabinet mainly includes three conventional indicators: width, height, and depth. These three indicators are also one of the important parameters for merchants to purchase.
Next we talk about the cabinet material, which is also a point that cannot be ignored. Since the material of the cabinet is closely related to the performance of the cabinet, the material of the 19-inch cabinet is mainly aluminum and cold-rolled steel. Because the cabinet made of aluminum material is relatively bulky, suitable for stacking light equipment, the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum materials are also imported and domestically produced. Due to the different textures, the physical properties of the manufactured cabinets are also somewhat different, especially in some larger cabinets. The cabinet made of cold-rolled steel sheet has the characteristics of high mechanical strength and large bearing capacity. The thickness, quality and process of steel plate materials in similar products are directly related to the quality and performance of products. Some low-cost cabinets are made of ordinary thin iron plates. Although the price is cheap and the appearance is also good, the performance is naturally greatly reduced.
19-inch cabinets from the perspective of assembly methods, there are roughly integrated welding type and assembly type. The price of the integrated welding type is relatively cheap. The welding process and product information are the key to this type of cabinet. Some inferior products are easily deformed when they encounter heavier loads. The assembly type is currently a more popular method. The packaging is all loose parts. It can be assembled quickly when needed. It is easy to adjust and has strong sensitivity. Some inferior products often have rough interface parts, which are difficult to assemble and have obvious displacement.
In addition, the manufacturing level of the cabinet and the external spraying process, as well as the precision level of the internal laminate, guide rails, slide rails, cable management slots, sockets, and the quality of the accessories are also reference indicators that weigh the specifications of the cabinet quality. Good specification cabinets are not only robust and conform to mainstream safety standards, but also the equipment is installed smoothly and very stable. The front and rear doors of the cabinet and the side panels on both sides are well sealed, the equipment in the cabinet is under average stress, and the accessories are rich, which can be suitable for various application.