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A total of 40,000 freight trains have run between China and Europe, spurring rapid economic growth along the routes

June 25, 2021

Advancing along the way construction work leading group office and central European trains project coordination mechanism 20th symposium held in Beijing work, summarized exchanges central trains development achievements and experience, deployment 14 or 15 times promote china-eu trains development work The meeting pointed out that the development of sino-european trains had made great achievements One is demonstrated as the status and role of international public productsSo far, over 40,000 China-Europe freight trains, with a total value of more than US $200 billion, have run through 73 routes, reaching more than 160 cities in 22 European countries. Second, China has forged a win-win bridge between countries along the Belt and RoadSince the outbreak of COVID-19, China Railway Express has shipped 11.99 million pieces of 94,000 tons of epidemic prevention materials to Europe. Third, it has opened a new chapter in the land transport between Asia and Europe. The China-Europe Railway Express has built an all-weather and large transport volumeGreen, low carbon new land transport channel, is a major innovation international transportation service system Four is to drive the rapid economic development of central trains along the channels to promote the prosperity of the economy in the hub port economy development, expand the new space for the inland cities opening to the outside world, but also accelerated the elements resources multinational conference stressed that the economic globalization is still the trend of The Times, to buildInternational consensus on the Belt and Road Initiative is growing. We need to consolidate and expand the scale of the development of freight trains between China and Europe and improve the efficiency of development .