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Eight Reasons for Category 8

May 27, 2021

1. Faster speeds and greater bandwidth
Cat 8 offers a smart migration path to 25 and 40 GbE networks. Industry analysts see a huge push among enterprise data centers to upgrade to 25 or 40 Gb/s switch uplinks over the next several years.
2. An embedded user base
Cat 8 uses the same BASE-T technology for the communication protocol and the same trusted RJ-45 connections on which data center managers have relied on for years. Read more about the advantages of RJ-45.
3. Auto-negotiation
Auto-negotiation allows for two Ethernet devices to connect to each other and select a common transmission speed. For example, 25 Gb/s Top-of-Rack switches can communicate with 10 Gb/s servers, whether over Cat 8 or Cat 6A connectivity.
4. Greater flexibility
Cat 8 has a 30-meter reach, providing longer distances than Twinax DAC assemblies. The 30-meter reach covers Top-of-Rack and End-of-Row or Middle-of-Row network topologies. Read more about practical applications for Cat 8.
5. A cost effective alternative
Category 8 is more cost effective than QSFP+ and Twinax in Top-of-Row applications, and more cost effective than fiber in End-of-Row applications, providing a compelling choice for data centers requiring 25 or 40 GbE.
6. Low power consumption
Cat 8 will not likely require any greater power or cooling requirements than a typical 10GBASE-T system used today.
7. Predictable installations
The Leviton Atlas-X1 Cat 8 System uses the same jack form factor as Atlas-X1 Cat 6A, 6, and 5e jacks, creating a consistent termination method. In fact, Atlas-X1 is the industry’s first system to support shielded applications from Cat 8 to 5e and UTP applications from Cat 6A to 5e, all from one unified connectivity platform.
8. Peace of mind
The Atlas-X1 Cat 8 System is made in the U.S. and the U.K., and delivers the highest level of performance. It is verified by third-party testing labs to meet ISO/IEC 11801 Class I channel standards.
The new Atlas-X1 Cat 8 Shielded System is the first end-to-end RJ45-based Category 8 system in the industry. It delivers the highest level of performance for 25GBASE-T and 40GBASE-T networks, resulting in a scalable and cost-effective infrastructure that grows as your business grows.