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The rise in value of cross-border logistics

June 25, 2021

Global trading, never like nowadays so convenient Internet set up a bridge economic efficient of instant messaging, cross-border logistics build on this blue planet every commercial node physical links, until every parcel finally reach the hands of consumers Look back at the past, the tide of growth of the global package business witnessed the vigorous development of cross-border electricityAccording to the Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, global parcel shipments exceeded 100 billion for the first time in 2019, with China the world's largest growth market in parcel shipments.Three-fifths of packages shipped in the world's mainstream market come from China. Undoubtedly, with its world-leading manufacturing strength and huge market demand, China's e-commerce has shown extraordinary vitality in driving the logistics and transportation market under the dual influence of booming exports and booming domestic salesEven under the impact of this sudden global epidemic, e-commerce has become a new normal shopping method after the increase of time spent at home, and logistics plays an important role in guaranteeing this phenomenon.Cross-border e-commerce is even more so. At the moment when the border is far from open, cross-border e-commerce may be a good solution, whether to buy daily necessities or to relieve boredom. As the epidemic gradually becomes normal, consumers' consumption habits have been gradually affectedEven though stores in most markets have reopened, their enthusiasm for online shopping has not diminishedIs to be expected, in the sudden, but the outbreak of sustainable development, and the real pressure on the logistics business, the challenges faced by the assignments is to deal with uncertain peak, how in manpower and capacity under the condition of unbalanced, guarantee the transportation hub of continuous and stable, to consumers continue to provide continuous and satisfactory logistics servicesTaking the most popular cross-border market between China and the United States as an example, the reason is that the American consumers at that time are not the consumers at that time. The scattered place of residence increases the rate of returning goods, and even whether they trust the delivery personnel at their doorstep, and other factors have become the details that the current cross-border e-commerce companies have to pay attention toIn the past, the priority was to turn into orders, but now, cross-border logistics has become an important factor that has to be paid attention to. Whether it is the commitment time limit, or the return process, all of which have a huge impact on the cost control consumer experience, considering this, logistics has become a new key point for the vast number of cross-border sellers in China